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  • Does Texas a&m not have to follow the 25 person class limit for this year's recruiting class? (maybe something to do with being their first year in the league?)

    Trying to wrap my mind around their 29 commits and still actively going after a bunch of guys. Do they have a similar situation to uga where their numbers were off from last hear and they have a large number of early enrollees to assign to 2 different classes?

  • It looks like they only signed 19 last year, so they have up to six spots for early enrollees who can be counted under last year's 25 cap. (Could be even more of that if any of those 19 were EEs that counted toward the class before that.)

    Similarly, VU can take as many as three EEs and count them toward last year's cap -- we only signed 22 -- if we want to. Of course, we still can't get to 28 overall because we're not going to have 28 total scholarship openings out of the overall limit of 85.

  • My guess is that we'll see somewhere between 3 and 6 new commits, depending on who might decommit; who might switch to Vandy because of V's success or another team's adversity; kids making their decisions late; or Vandy making late offers.

    I'm going to see Carlos Burse in the first round of the playoffs Friday night. I saw McCrary play against a better team last Friday night -- he didn't get much blocking, and his receivers weren't that great, but you could see that he has a lot of potential.

    I just hope we can keep kids like him, Ford and some of the other top-rated kids that other teams are trying to steal. I'd also like to see us sign more offensive players. Offenses definitely have the edge today with so many fast, skilled, and well-coached players coming out of high school. Just look at the points being scored by numerous teams against other good teams. I'd like to see another RB or two, another WR and an OL or two.