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Vanderbilt coming for Stanford

  • I'm sorry but I had to respond to this. My source was the 247 network in which you guys take part in. If you are calling the Tennessee staff writers biased, then you need to acknowledge that the Vanderbilt staff writers are biased. I did not go back to the Tennessee message board and quote anything that had been said here. I very rarely VIP my posts because I want anyone to be able to read them. You guys can chose to ignore me, tell me i'm wrong, or disagree. I'm trying to give you some insight from different perspective. It wasn't my intention to attack the prestigious academic reputation of Vanderbilt (which I readily acknowledge). I was merely trying to say that under Jimmy Cheek, the standards have gone above and beyond the requirements that some of the other SEC leaders (Alabama, LSU, etc) have. I cannot prove that it is higher than Vanderbilt, nor can I disprove it. I just know it is an issue. As for the academic side v.s. the athletic side, they are two separate entities. After the 1998 national championship, Tennessee had an athletic department with one of the deepest pockets in the nation. Now, Tennessee is towards the bottom of the SEC and is in substantial debt. What happened, is that the reporting structure was changed, and the AD (Mike Hamilton) had to report to the provost instead of the president. The athletic department, was then required to give x amount of dollars (in the millions) to the school every year. You can research and see how much Tennessee was giving, as well as the other SEC schools, and you will see that Tennessee was at the top. The academic side, was literally squeezing every ounce of profit out of the athletic side. Vanderbilt is completely different than this. They did away with there athletic department in the 2000's, and the president ran the athletic department. Ironically, you guys have seen more success than ever before at Vanderbilt during this time. I wouldn't expect you guys to understand the importance of having a separate athletic department, being that you never really saw success under that model. However, in order for Tennessee to do well as an institution, the football program has to do well. For the football program to do well, exceptions have to be made for certain borderline prospects to enroll. In order for an SEC program to have substantial, sustained success, programs must eliminate any competitive edge other programs might have over them like an Alabama or LSU. Neyland Stadium can seat over 100,000 people. If the Vols only have 70,000 show up, thats over $1 million in lost revenue for 1 game just in ticket sales, not to mention concession sales. Tennessee has 7 home games next season, with the potential to miss out on over $7,000,000. No company can sustain losses like that. Like it or not, people come to the University of Tennessee for the football team. If the football team is suffering, the entire university is suffering.

  • Then why did you say it was a fact that UT had the highest standards in the SEC? You seem to be slowly retracting your original claim and burying it in a long post with a bunch of stuff that really isn't relevant. If you would have said from the beginning that you don't have any evidence but that you have heard and believe that UT has higher standards than Vandy, I would have laughed, but you can have that opinion if you'd like. But please drop the whole "I have evidence but I just can't show you" story. You have basically admitted you were wrong by changing your argument at this point so you might as well drop it.

  • When making a claim as ludicrous as UT has higher athletic academic requirements than Vanderbilt, the burden of proof rests squarely with you. The fact that you cannot "disprove it" means absolutely nothing. Keep in mind this conversation started with you stating your position as an indisputable fact. The quote above, serves to prove that you were wrong.

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  • I think you have the history right, Jtex. And your conclusions about the difficult situation UT is in seem sound to me.

  • You hear what you want to hear. Search my previous posts and tell me where I literally said Tennessee has higher standards than Vanderbilt. I never did. I said Tennessee had the highest standards in the SEC. I should have said one of the higher standards in the SEC. You cannot prove that Vanderbilt has higher standards than Tennessee just like I can't prove the opposite. You are just assuming they do because the standards are higher for regular students. You can not tell me that all of the football players would get in to vandy if they didn't play football. Actually, there have been some players go to Vanderbilt from east tennessee (Jefferson county and Central high) who I know are not academically Vanderbilt material. Basically it's just a battle of opinions, and you made this be about comparing Tennessee to Vanderbilt, when I just wanted to know if you were ok with athletes getting in to your prestigious school who might not academically deserve it.

  • Where do you think Vandy plays? Are you seriously that delusional? I don't have to read your previous posts because you contradict yourself in this same post. You clearly said UT had the highest standards. Stop acting like you didn't mean exactly what you typed on multiple occasions. Holy cow dude, just own up to it. You are exactly right on one thing. You should have said it differently. You didn't, but you should have.

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  • "Highest standards in the SEC" implies higher standards than VU - this is also being asserted as fact by a large number of UT supporters. Regarding UT's dependence on football - a university should be managed in such a fashion that it remains relevant regardless of the football team's success / failure in my opinion. One of the challenges facing UT is that a relatively small portion of the fans have any true perspective on the larger mission of a state university beyond the football program. No UT fan will take this well, but maybe the decline of the football program is a blessing in disguise.

  • Uh, ok?

    Look, I appreciate the civility of your approach, but I think we've said all there is to say here.

  • When you say "highest standards in the SEC" that includes Vanderbilt.

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  • Barton S

    Ok. lock time for this thread.

    I will say though that while some of you may not see it this way, I appreciate Jtex87 keeping the conversation civil and for the most part everyone being pretty civil back. Not much more to say at this point. But as far as I'm concerned, Jtex87, you're welcome back.

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