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Text Alerts

  • Barton S

    Vandy247 folks,

    First off, thanks again for all your support and continuing to build this community and spread the word. A lot of you may not realize that text alerts are available for this site so I wanted to make sure you all knew how to access them.

    - Text alerts are only available to members who have signed up for annual subscriptions. We do not offer text alerts for monthly subscribers.

    - If you are already an annual subscriber, it's very simple and easy to receive alerts. Simply go to your profile by clicking "my account' in the upper right hand corner of your browser. Once there click on the "Alerts" and then enter your cell phone number in and save it.

    We won't be bombarding you with text alerts but anytime there is a commitment, you'll get an immediate alert. Anytime there is a major war room or new Golden Nuggets piece, we'll often let you know on that as well. Any other big or breaking news, we'll hit you up but don't expect daily texts or a bunch of promotional links. Just the good stuff.

    If you'd like to get text alerts and only have a monthly subscription, I'd encourage you to upgrade to an annual subscription. If you need any help with that process private message me or post in this thread and I'll walk you through it.

    Thanks again from 247Sports and Vandy247.

    Barton Simmons | 247Sports | National Recruiting Analyst | Twitter: @bartonsimmons